I moved into a big house with my grandma, her husband and some random family. My bedroom was huge but it didn't have proper walls or anything, and I had to share it with the son from the other family. We became friends and I thought I could trust him but then he started inviting friends over who treated me like shit and tried to sabotage my life. My "friend" took me aside and lied to me so that I'd do something stupid, and then I found out it was a plan he made with his friends so they would be able to blackmail me. It was such a fucking nightmare.

Wow, another nightmare, are we even surprised? At first I was having a good, somewhat normal dream. I was in one of those typical American school gyms with my old classmates and most importantly, my best friend. There was also a teacher from my current school who I think is kinda good looking. I kept trying to impress him, we had to do some obstacle course so of course I was showing off and doing everything as good as I could. BUT OF COURSE. Of course, the dream changed into a nightmare. I was at a "party" with a bunch of talkshow celebs and we were playing a made up game called "who's the faker". I don't feel like explaining it, so I won't. The host of the party had a baby and everyone was eating yogurt, so when the baby got hungry there was none left and we all got kicked out. The person I'd gone there with just left without telling me so I didn't have a ride. But then Gwyneth Paltrow showed up and let me get in her car. She was supposed to drive me home but instead she just straight up fucking drove OFF A PIER. I started freaking out because being underwater is one of my worst fears, especially when there are manmade objects in the water (submechanophobia). We ended up really far below the surface and I panicked so badly, I was grabbing onto some kind of rope and trying to drag myself out of there and it was horrifying. Everything was so dark and murky and there was a huge ship next to me. I got lifted into the air and ended up inside the ship which was hollow but had ledges to stand on at the very top. The walls by the ledges were made of some weird flexible material so I couldn't grip onto those for support. On the bottom there was just so much dark and scary water where I could see shadowy parts of the shipwreck. I had to get out of there so bad. Then the dream changed again and I was a pirate. My crew and I ended up on a foreign beach, it was very tropical and nice actually but a tribe started throwing spears at us so we had to leave. We ended up on a weird island of like, "real life" Team Fortress 2. That's all.

I fucking hate my brain! Stop making up all this weird crap! First thing I dreamt was that I moved to a new house and my bedroom was connected to the kitchen, but it also had a lot of hidden spaces and I was really excited (excluding the kitchen part). My best friend since age 4 was with me and we were making plans on how to redecorate. Then I went to sleep over at another friend's house, we watched a horror movie and it turned out her house was haunted. She BECAME Avril Lavigne and started smashing things all across the room. Then my dream changed and I was in a grocery store in America, I know where it was specifically because I could see plenty of American goods that we don't have here. But anyway, some grown ass man was following me around the store, wherever I went. Got me pissed the fuck off so I confronted him several times but he just wouldn't stop. I ran down a hallway that led into another building, but in the hallway I bumped into Gordon Ramsay who stopped me. He grabbed hold of my face and started shaking me, he was really mad at me? He started saying things like "I do all these things but you still don't love me!" and I don't understand why my brain thought GORDON FUCKING RAMSAY was the right face to put on that statement. The show must go on. My dream changed yet again, this time I was at a waterpark in India with the Glee cast and a few old classmates. Kurt (from Glee) was wearing one of those old white wigs with the ugly curls. I climbed up a whole mud mountain just to watch the sunset and see people go down slides, but it was getting late so all "rides" were shut down for the night. The Glee club had some competition to compete in and I went as emotional support, they ended up winning so we all celebrated backstage. Then Kurt shaved his head but left some at the back, and I helped him get water out of his ears by tilting his head and smacking it.

Feels like every aspect of my mind is melting together because shit just keeps getting weirder. First I think I was at a restaurant with my old classmates and we were having some kind of competition and dating drama, I don't remember a ton of details other than being inside a football stadium at one point where I found a magic portal to another world. Didn't go through it tho. Then I remember dreaming that I was in a house during the apocalypse, I looked out one of the second floor windows, saw a zombie on the ground and an avocado on the roof. Then the dream changed again and I had been hired by Gorillaz to clean their bedsheets that were covered in huge breadcrumbs, it was dark and the only light source I had was my phone flashlight. Then ANOTHER dream change, I became Rachel Berry from Glee and I had been broken up with by Finn, so of course it made me really sad. For some reason we were all having a sleepover and I was put in the same bed as him so we were being civil but I kept fixating on the nightstand and whatever was on top of it, I can't even remember. At one time I went into the bathroom and Quinn was there, looking absolutely screwed up. Oh yeah and I have a weak memory of dreaming about hanging out with two girls who told me I couldn't eat bread because I'm short and the bread will make me gain more weight than the average person.

I can't remember the first two dreams I had, but the third one was a nightmare about me being a kid in the 60's-70's, and there was an active serial killer targeting children in my hometown. My grade had just spent the day in the woods for some yearly tradition event thing and when we got back to the school building in the evening, five kids were missing. The next day, news reporters came to the school and interviewed students. One girl put stickers on her shirt that had pictures and names of those who had disappeared. For some reason my memory is being shitty so I can't recall everything but I know there was more to it, it was all really sad and I wish my brain would stop coming up with this crap and let me sleep peacefully for once.

Tonight was seriously weird and I don't like it. At first I was having nightmare inception again. The nightmare within my nightmare was so fucking cryptic and unnerving, I couldn't see anything other than fog all around me. Kinda like the white void from Spongebob. Then out of nowhere some messed up creature ran at me, it looked like when a character in a videogame has glitched out graphics. The face was nothing but a disproportionate mouth and eyes. It was telling me "I'm your mother, don't you love your mother?" and then more creatures that looked similar but were shaped differently showed up and I was just sitting trying to cover my eyes because I was so afraid. Then I woke up in a hotel within my dream, unsure what was going on during this part but there was some important person at the hotel who I was trying to protect from an evil corporation who sent hitmen after him. He was dressed up like a victorian dude with one of those big white wigs. Don't know what happened but suddenly I was running into an elevator with another girl, little bit older and taller than me. We panicked because the evil people were chasing us and we had to get out of the hotel ASAP. When we got out onto the street we tried to get a taxi but they all passed us by, so we ran down the road for a while. After slowing down the girl started telling me how to disappear and get a new identity, but she was also trying to convert me to become some kind of underage escort which I wasn't on board with. She tried to get me to go into a strangers car but I kept walking until I was on a road with trees down the sides. There I met one of my classmates, I told her I was officially a runaway. We continued down the road and another classmate showed up who was meant to stay the night with her family because she couldn't fall asleep at home? Anyway my grandma showed up and she had to give me a ride home. There was also another really short weird part where I was stuck in one of those food displays from a school cafeteria with my classmates.

I dreamt that I was at the house I "grew up" in. I was in my bedroom and it looked exactly the same as I remember. Some guy came in and told me I should go to sleep, so I got under the covers and he did as well so I got comfortable and put my head on his chest. Then I was having some dream inception shit, cause I started dreaming in my dream about two urban explorers going to an old amusement park to investigate a haunted house. The guy who had built the haunted house attraction had died unhappy and people said his ghost was stuck there, even when the amusement park shut down. The urban explorers had a bunch of cameras with them and they were filming a documentary about the place. I was woken up in real life because my stupid neighbour went to dust off a carpet for like a fucking hour (while I'm writing this she's back out with another one). After that shit I fell back asleep but can't remember what it was about, cause I was abruptly woken up AGAIN by a phone call from social services.

My Swedish teacher had green skin. I was in a building with all my old classmates, and by that I mean every single classmate from every single school I've attended. The building had plenty of corridors and everyone was all over the place, for some reason offering cookies to each other even tho my teacher said the cookies weren't for sharing. I don't know what's up with that. My goal in the dream was to watch a movie called Tsatsiki, Morsan och Polisen on VHS. I couldn't find a VHS player though. Two girls from my old school were helping me look. I have no idea why I'm having so many dreams related to schools and classmates, recently they're becoming more and more common. Anyone know what that shit means? Let me know, I'm curious.

I dreamt that I had a boyfriend and we were on a train station platform, there were a bunch of old people who kept getting in our personal space so I got pissed off. Then my best friend and one of my old friends showed up and they were really happy for me about having a boyfriend lmao. Suddenly we were at a school and it looked like an American high school, my boyfriend was part of the swim team so he had to go to practice. My friends and I went to lunch in the meantime. Not much else happened. I only slept for like 3-4 hours.

I was hanging out with my best friend and we were running from some creepy guy, but we couldn't run fast. It was in slow motion and I was getting so scared because I didn't want the dude to catch up to us. Eventually we got away and I was at my old school, just hanging out on the skate ramp and my grandma was coming to pick me up. I can't really remember if anything else happened but surely I must've had other dreams because I slept for so fucking long. I got up way past 5.

Tonight was strange. I can't remember how exactly my dream started but I was a guy and I was running through a suburban neighbourhood, the kind they have in America, and in the sky there was some giant otherwordly thing. Messages started flashing in my brain like "Don't trust things that come in pairs" or whatever, then as I was running someone opened their door and called me over saying I could stay in their house until everything was over. But when I stood outside their door talking to them, their features started splitting into two and they just smiled at me. So, I ran away and went into a high school. There were a lot of students there just acting as if nothing was going on and all of a sudden my mind was telling me I had to turn myself invisible and in order to do that I had to take off everything I was wearing except my underwear. I started undressing in the hallway and nobody even looked at me, I started fading away and when I was invisible I went into one of the school bathrooms with a camera to see if I'd be visible on tape. In the bathroom there was another invisible person who I switched bodies with and turns out it was the real me, so real me and the guy I started out as were looking at ourselves in the mirror and comparing it to the video tape. I also had a nightmare where I was in some kind of theme park attraction with large animatronics. The attraction was that you would walk through a big tunnel and on the inside of the tunnel you'd pass by animatronics that told some kind of ongoing story, but when I was in there the park was closed because things weren't working properly. A few of my old classmates were with me and they ran ahead through the tunnel which left me alone, I got scared cause real life animatronics scare the fuck out of me so I started going back towards the entrance when my 6th grade teacher showed up. She was panicking asking me where the others went so I said "They kept going so you'll probably meet them at the end". Well, I left the attraction and my classmates were sitting in an escalator just crying. I asked what was going on and they said all their parents died. Then the dead bodies of their parents started coming out from under the escalator and they were rotting to the point where I could see their skeletons in some parts and their hair was falling off. Out of nowhere I was at my old house from 2013 and I had to find somewhere to hide, but I couldn't. Then I woke up.

Ha! I remember what I dreamt. So last night there was no food because my older brother ate what was left for me in the freezer, I think that's what caused this dream. In my dream I asked him, "Did you eat my food?". He said yes, so I got really pissed off and we started fighting. I beat him down onto the floor and I was doing all kinds of things to hurt him. Slapping, punching, biting. I just wanted to take out all the repressed anger I have against him. And that's pretty much the only thing that happened. We fought and I beat the fuck out of him for being such a shitty older brother and making my life worse.

I was at my old school and I couldn't stop crying because I missed it so much. It was like some kind of reunion, all my old classmates were there and our first grade teacher too. Someone asked me to a concert and I said I'd come with them depending on what band was playing. Then everything changed and I was in the sky watching a guy chase a van that his girlfriend was sitting in, he caught up and they hugged. Then I was at their house and we were using some weird bong. Everything changed again, I was living at a farm with my family and my mum had remarried, so I had a stepdad and stepbrother. The stepdad bought back the house I lived in as a little kid and I was really fucking happy. That's all I remember, tonight was messy.

In my dream I watched a Loey Lane video where she was talking about a demon lady who haunted anyone who heard her story. She also said that the first letter of each day of the week spelled out the word "GAFFEL" (fork in Swedish).

I was at my old house and Negan from TWD was chasing me in the garden. For some reason the grass was almost as tall as me. I was yelling for him to stop and leave me alone, when he caught me I pretended to surrender so that I could escape without him being suspicious. My dream changed and it was the apocalypse. I killed zombies with a whip, and then I found a village where some dude lived but they followed some weird religion and he wasn't allowed to leave or talk to me. We fell in love either way, but his mum was literally insane and tried to take him away from me. Then there was a hurricane or something that ripped the sky apart and we held hands as we tried to run to my base.

I dreamt that I was walking around the art classroom but instead of papers in the cabinets there was food and snacks. Some YouTubers were there and they collected cheetos then they disappeared. I was with friends and we messed around with snapfilters that morphed you into different album covers, in my dream I was into some girl and she became a Green Day album. Then the dream changed at I was at a grocery store with my friend group. My face was really dry. At the entrance we were met by vegetarians and one of them looked like a teacher of mine. They asked if we wanted to taste their vegetables, my friends said sure but I refused. I talked to the person who looked like my teacher and out of nowhere we were sitting by a round table at a restaurant, I had a glass of wine in front of me and the teacher look-alike stood behind me. He leaned over my shoulder and started fingering my wine? I pushed his hand away and asked what the hell he was doing, but he didn't answer. I opened my phone and saw that my friend was posting on her Snapchat story about all the food in our town except for McDonalds was poisoned.

Just woke up from one of the worst nightmares I've ever had in my entire life. It felt so real and I genuinely believed that it was, so when I actually woke up I was terrified. It started with me just casually being on my laptop and for some reason I was being bombarded with ads and fake pop-up messages. Everytime I went on a YouTube video the comment section was fake, it was all in Swedish and nothing related to the video I had clicked on. Idk why but they were all talking about iPhones. Then I went to sleep in my dream and I started sleepwalking to my mum's room but it wasn't my house. I only realized I had been sleepwalking when I woke up from it within the dream, where I had dreamt about walking through a school corridor. My little brother was sitting straight up in the bed, making some weird sound but he wasn't awake. My mum and I were on mattresses on the floor, she was sleeping normally. I went back to my room and got on the computer again. I got like a notification in my brain about a Discord call coming in from my irl classmate/friend Line, so I went to answer it but as I opened Discord I could hear her without joining the call and she just started talking to me as if I was already in it. So I said hello, but then I heard my cat outside of my room making the worst and most horrifying screaming noise I've ever heard in my entire life. So I panicked and told Line that I'd be back but I really had to go. I opened my bedroom door and my cat ran in, I peeked outside of my room to the right and there was an entirely black store mannequin without a head crouching, facing me from the hallway. Never in my life have I felt such fear. My fucking heart stopped and even just by writing this down it's making me more scared. The mannequin did have clothes on but I can't remember what it was wearing, just that the thing itself was entirely black and had no head. It started moving in my direction so I slammed the door shut and tried to scream for help, but I had lost my voice so the only thing that came out was just like a wheeze. This happens every time I try to scream in my nightmares and I don't know why. I can never call for help and it feels like I'm suffocating or choking. I jumped up on my bed and put on my glasses, I don't know why but the mannequin had disappeared out of my dream and I wasn't even worried about it anymore as if it had been erased from my memory. My door was open too, somehow. I looked at my cat at the foot of the bed and when I looked out my bedroom door I saw him again, sitting under a chair. He was in two places at once so I got scared again. Then I saw more cats, so I left my room and saw that the front door was open, I had heard it earlier but didn't think anything of it. My neighbour's cats had all entered my apartment and gathered by the dining table, along with some other cats I haven't seen before. I ran into my mum's room to wake her up and told her that we had a bunch of cats in the apartment. I also told her that one of them had probably opened the door, because in real life one of my neighbour's cats is able to jump up to door handles and open doors by itself. When I left her room I saw a really big orange cat that had red snake eyes and it was hissing at me, I felt like it hated me even tho I didn't know it. I can't remember the rest after this, but I know I woke up shortly after the cat thing. It's been about 40 minutes and I'm still awake because I can't go back to sleep. I had to turn a light on in my room. This is by far one of my worst, if not THE worst experiences with nightmares and I never want it to happen again. When I woke up I thought it was just another inception and that I wasn't actually awake, I thought I was stuck in the nightmare.

I was at a shared house with a group of friends but I was older and more attractive lol. There were two really hot guys in my friendgroup and I liked them both but I was in love with one of them, he looked kinda emo/punk-ish in terms of clothes but his hair and face was all normal. There was a party going on at the house and upstairs there was a bathroom, but it was a mix between a public and personal one and there was no door. So basically in the master bedroom the wall facing the bed was missing and instead there was just the bathroom, there were no lights anywhere in either rooms. The bathroom had a whole tub, one of those old ones, and a few stalls lined up against the walls. I entered one of the stalls but the second I shut the stall door it was as if the stall shrunk and I felt claustrophobic, almost suffocating. I slammed the door open and Shane Dawson was there for like a split second so we talked about it but then out of nowhere I was back to the master bedroom and didn't even question it. The friendgroup was made up of people I can't recall seeing in real life, but they were all there and we were like best friends. Then I went back to the bathroom and I could see a big fat guy behind the shower curtain and a guy in one of the stalls. I loudly said "Dude it smells like shit in here" and walked back out, all my friends started laughing and then we left in case the fat guy decided he wanted to go after us. When we got out to the staircase I somehow ended up over the railing and fell down into a crowd of people who made me crowdsurf, but instead of regular crowdsurfing they started throwing me up into the air. They threw me higher and higher each time until I was about to hit the roof. One of the guys I mentioned earlier who I found attractive (not the one I was in love with) jumped into the crowd and saved me, told them all to back off and set me down onto the floor properly. Everyone was standing in a circle around me and none of them had expressions, so I went up to a guy and a girl and slapped them both. No reaction, I spit in their faces. No reaction again so I grabbed the back of their heads and started slamming their faces into each other. Instead of resisting they started making out so I stopped and turned around to talk to the guy who saved me. I thanked him and we hugged, then the guy I loved came down the stairs and he looked sad. As if I had chosen the other guy over him. Everyone else left so it was just the two of us, I held his hand for a while and confessed, then he started carrying me and I was holding on for dear life. It felt so real, I swear to God it must've been real. I might've cut into an alternate reality or something because I could feel the texture of his shirt and my head resting against his shoulder as if it was happening right now in this fucking moment. As he was carrying me he tried to open a door but it wouldn't work.

I dreamt that I had a boyfriend and we were sitting on the ground outside of my first school, playing TF2 on laptops?? Anyway it changed and suddenly we were on a beach in the middle of summer. We just hung out in the water for a while and it was a great dream but now I'm sad cause it wasn't real lol, dream boyfriend wherever you are I love you.

I was in Stockholm with this one Swedish actor who looks like my best friend's dad and he needed help with stealing the ropes from a swingset so ofc I helped him, then someone called the cops on us and we started running. For some reason it was the 70's and the cop was Seth Rogen but we got away easily because he had this weird OCD thing where he had to go all the way down a staircase properly before he could go back up

I had a bizzare dream. At first I was in school with one of my classmates and we were supposed to go watch a new Avengers movie, but so was like the whole world so it was really full at the train station. We rushed onto the train and sat across from a pair of ginger twins. The dream kinda changed and I was outside of my old school with a guy in my class and Nick Fury. The guy and I were hitting each other with belts and chains. It was some kind of roleplay game related to the Avengers but we'd made up our own name for it. Then I "killed" him and he started up one of those things that projects a message up in the sky, like the Batman symbol, and a theme song started playing as Nick Fury told me I had completed the first mission and made a name for myself.

I dreamt that it was the zombie apocalypse and I was rescued by a guy and a girl. The guy had rescued the girl earlier and they were sticking together. For some reason she was dressed up like Cinderella. The guy would always hold my hand to make sure I stayed with him at all times, and so that I wouldn't get lost while we were running. We had to run through a forest because zombies were coming after us and we had found another girl as well with blue hair. Cinderella froze out of fear in someone's garden and the blue haired girl stayed behind to try to help her. The guy and I kept going, we heard their screams. He told me we couldn't save everyone. Later, we made it to a beach where the TWDG characters had set up shelter, and my classmates too for some reason. Minerva was in charge of the TWDG part. She kicked us out so we set up a big tent like 20 meters away and everyone gathered inside. It was really cozy and we were listening to music while eating candy. They let me sit in the safest spot because I'm the youngest. I started thinking about my dead dog but I don't know why. Then I brought out my phone and started texting my friend on Instagram, trying to see if he was safe, which he fortunately was. Everyone was having a good time and then I woke up. Before that, I had dreamt about being on a luxury vacation with everyone in my family except my older brother. My dad wouldn't leave me alone so I was really pissed off.

In my dream I got an E on the national test and I didn't get into my school of choice because some old lady took my place.

I found this old thing from when I was a kid, and there was some kind of plastic package under it with a Nintendo DS inside.

I dreamt that I was at home and my mum had like this family friend who was coming over with her son, at first I just wanted to stay in my room but I went to the couch where my mum was sitting and we started talking. A while later her friend slammed the bedroom door open (they were using my older brother's room) and screamed "SHUT THE FUCK UP" at the top of her lungs and then slammed it shut. My mum and I were like "Who does this bitch think she is, coming to our apartment telling us to shut up??" Anyway the next day they went out somewhere and I was home alone with the son, he actually kinda looked like this one American guy I knew for a few days who tried to cheat on his girlfriend with me lmao (I was not having it and exposed him) just without the glasses and gross skin. So anyway I left my room and he was on the couch, we started talking about random stuff on the couch. Then the whole room turned into some magic changing thing so we could decide what the room would be or have in it, we made a big bright grass field (WITHOUT BUGS IN IT BC I HATE BUGS!!!!) and started running around like dogs or sumn. Somehow that made us fall in love? I threw myself down in the grass and he was like "Hey wanna talk to my best friend on the phone" so I had an awkward conversation with a random guy, then we hung up on him and started talking again. My fatass was just sitting there and out of nowhere Americano says "Can I kiss you", I didn't even say yes or no but he straight up leaned over and gave me the worst kiss of all time, not that I've ever even kissed someone but listen.... I've seen Pretty Litte Liars and that was not a kiss that was a mistake. He said "Oh fuck that's the worst I've ever done, let me try again" And I was like ugh get it over with you dumb bitch.