Your speakers are blowing Your ears are wrecking Your hearing damage You wish you felt better You wish you felt better In my eyes You can do no wrong In my eyes In my eyes You can do no wrong In my eyes In my eyes In my -Thom Yorke "Hearing Damage" ... She's talking to angels Counting the stars Making a wish on a passing car She's dancing with strangers Falling apart Waiting for Superman to pick her up -Daughtry "Waiting For Superman" ... Oh, we're ready, honey I got all the skills You've given all our love for you Everything you taught me honey It never even mattered, really It's all about my love for you With you in my head With you in my head With you in my head -UNKLE "With You In My Head" ... Glaciers melting in the dead of night And the superstars sucked into the super massive (you set my soul alight) Glaciers melting in the dead of night And the superstars sucked into the super massive (you set my soul) I thought I was a fool for no one Oh baby, I'm a fool for you You're the queen of the superficial And how long before you tell the truth? You set my soul alight You set my soul alight -Muse "Supermassive Black Hole" ... I don't want to set the world on fire I just want to start a flame in your heart In my heart I have but one desire And that one is you, no other will do I've lost all ambition for worldly acclaim I just want to be the one you love And with your admission that you'd feel the same I'll have reached the goal I'm dreaming of, believe me -The Ink Spots "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire" ... Gotta pack my bags Leave my world, behind Take a different road I know, it's my time To open up my heart, for another crowd Play it strong and sing it loud There's empty places in my life and I need to breathe There's empty spaces on the map, waiting there, for me I'll take the last exit, to freedom The last chance, to be free And the first sight of tomorrow Feels like freedom, to me Oh, there's hope, out on the horizon And a light, only I can see -Degrassi "Last Exit" ... And even as I wander I'm keeping you in sight You're a candle in the window On a cold, dark winter's night And I'm getting closer than I ever thought I might And I can't fight this feeling anymore I've forgotten what I started fighting for It's time to bring this ship into the shore And throw away the oars, forever -REO Speedwagon "Can't Fight This Feeling" ... You know I see right through you When you act like you don't know me You lie, you cheat. You steal, you lose Wouldn't want to be in your shoes Always lookin' over your shoulder For the ones you stick You sick little prick It looks like your times runnin' out Creepin' up your back So what you all about? -Limp Bizkit "Trust" ... He holds my body In his arms He didn't mean To do no harm And he holds Me tight Oh, he did it all To spare me from The awful things In life that come And he cries And cries -Aurora "Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)" ... And all the roads we have to walk are winding And all the lights that lead us there are blinding There are many things that I Would like to say to you but I don't know how Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me And after all, you're my wonderwall -Oasis "Wonderwall" ... I'd go hungry; I'd go black and blue And I'd go crawling down the avenue No, there's nothing that I wouldn't do To make you feel my love -Adele "Make You Feel My Love" ... Will we ever say the words we're feeling Reach down underneath and tear down all the walls Will we ever have a happy ending Or will we forever only be pretending Will we always always always be Keeping secrets safe Every move we make Seems like no one's letting go And it's such a shame Cause if you feel the same How am I supposed to know -Glee "Pretending" ... Take me to your best friend's house I loved you then and I love you now Don't take me tongue tied Don't wave no goodbye -Grouplove "Tongue Tied" ... And if a double-decker bus Crashes into us To die by your side Is such a heavenly way to die And if a ten-ton truck Kills the both of us To die by your side Well, the pleasure - the privilege is mine -The Smiths "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" ... This room is full of memories And shadows of the past remind me Of all the love I gave in vain And all the hurt I feel inside me. I want you back I want you back We had a love most people never know. Stop Before you break my heart. -Bananarama "I Want You Back" ... I tear my heart open I sew myself shut My weakness is That I care too much And my scars remind me That the past is real I tear my heart open Just to feel -Papa Roach "Scars" ... This place is so empty My thoughts are so tempting I don't know how it got so bad Sometimes it's so crazy that nothing can save me But it's the only thing that I have If you believe it's in my soul I'd say all the words that I know Just to see if it would show That I'm trying to let you know That I'm better off on my own -Sum 41 "Pieces" ... In the heat of summer sunshine I miss you like nobody else In the heat of summer sunshine I kiss you, and nobody needs to know -The Corrs "Summer Sunshine" ... And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you Just what you want me to You're not the kind that needs to tell me About the birds and the bees Do you find this happens all the time Crucial point one day becomes a crime And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you Just what I want to do I'm not the kind that needs to tell you I've lost you, I've lost you I've lost you, I've lost you I've lost you -New Order "Age Of Consent" ... Hey, man, wake up and smell the concrete Strange to see you've change like the LB Could be identity crisis, but I can't buy this Reality bites but that's what life is Pitiful you, your hideous behavior Hate what God gave ya, fakin' all the flava Artificial minds seekin' out the new trends Get in where you fit in, quit thinkin' like a has-been Diggin' in my culture let me let your punks know I'm an old school soldier with the funk flow A damn shame you wanna change yourself because you're sick of yourself Well, I'm sick of you too! -Limp Bizkit "Counterfeit" ... Every day I fight a war against the mirror I can't take the person starin' back at me I'm a hazard to myself Don't let me get me I'm my own worst enemy It's bad when you annoy yourself So irritating Don't wanna be my friend no more I wanna be somebody else -P!nk "Don't Let Me Get Me" ... I'm standing on a beach in the distance And even though you're far away, can you see my red light? It's waiting to turn green 'Cause I feel so isolated without you I can't play a happy tune on my own, so stay by my side High on the tide -Gorillaz "Aries" ... All the problems make me wanna go Like a bad girl straight to video Little darling welcome to the show You're a failure played in stereo -Mindless Self Indulgence "Straight To Video" ... Men bryt inte ihop nu, du är bara en av många, människor jag drömt om Och du kan inte fånga mig, och jag kan inte fånga dig, för jag vet att hela stan vill ha dig -Håkan Hellström "Kom Igen Lena!" ... Står inte ut, står inte ut Ett år försvinner utan ljus även om ett sekel går så ska jag alltid vänta på vår tur Från och med då Från och med du, du, du, du Från och med du, du, du, du Jag blir aldrig mer densamma, jag blir aldrig densamma som förut Somliga ljus brinner aldrig ut -Oskar Linnros "Från Och Med Du" ... Nothing's gonna hurt you baby As long as you're with me, you'll be just fine Nothing's gonna hurt you baby Nothing's gonna take you from my side -Cigarettes After Sex "Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby" ... Go ahead and cry, little girl Nobody does it like you do I know how much it matters to you I know that you got daddy issues And if you were my little girl I'd do whatever I could do I'd run away and hide with you I know that you got daddy issues, and I do too -The Neighbourhood "Daddy Issues" ... Just stop your crying It's a sign of the times Welcome to the final show Hope you're wearing your best clothes You can't bribe the door on your way to the sky You look pretty good down here But you ain't really good -Harry Styles "Sign Of The Times" ... Wake up look me in the eyes again I need to feel your hand upon my face Words can be like knives They can cut you open And the silence surrounds you And hunts you -Stateless "Bloodstream" ... Be nice Be nice to me Don't let me bleed Be nice Be nice to me Don't let me go (don't let me go) -Mindless Self Indulgence "Never Wanted To Dance" ... When I get mad And I get pissed I grab my pen And I write out a list Of all the people That won't be missed You've made my shitlist For all the ones Who bum me out Shitlist For all the ones Who fill my head with doubt Shitlist For all the squares who get me pissed Shitlist You've made my shitlist -L7 "Shitlist" ... What have I become? My sweetest friend Everyone I know Goes away in the end You could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt -Nine Inch Nails "Hurt" ... You want me Fucking and come and find me I'll be waiting With a gun and a pack of sandwiches and nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing -Radiohead "Talk Show Host" ... I fell for you, and I knew The vision of your love's loveliness. I hope and I pray, that some day I'll be the vision of your hap, happiness. Earth angel, Earth angel, please be mine. My darling dear, love you all the time. I'm just a fool, a fool in love with you. -The Penguins "Earth Angel" ... Tonight I've fallen and I can't get up I need your loving hands to come and pick me up And every night I miss you I can just look up And know the stars are Holdin' you, holdin' you, holdin' you tonight -FM Static "Tonight" ... I'm not in love So don't forget it It's just a silly phase I'm going through And just because I call you up Don't get me wrong, don't think you've got it made I'm not in love I'm not in love -10cc "I'm Not In Love" ... I was put together wrong Still I was made for you When our stitches come undone We come together like glue Like glue -Carina Round "Do You" ... I'll seek you out Flay you alive One more word and you won't survive And I'm not scared of your stolen power See right through you any hour I won't soothe your pain I won't ease your strain You'll be waiting in vain I got nothing for you to gain -Blue Foundation "Eyes On Fire" ... Are we wasting time Talking on a broken line? Telling you I haven't seen your face in ages I feel like we're as close as strangers Won't give up Even though it hurts so much Every night I'm losing you in a thousand faces Now it feels we're as close as strangers -5 Seconds Of Summer "Close As Strangers" ... När hela världen står utanför Vem ska jag spela då? Kommer du förstå? (kommer du förstå?) När hela världen står utanför Vem är jag för dej då? Kommer du förstå? -Jumper "När Hela Världen Står Utanför" ... We can start and finish wars We're what killed the dinosaurs We're the asteroid that's overdue The dinosaurs choked on the dust They died because God said they must The new world needed room For me and you I worship you I'd trade my life for yours They all will disappear We'll plant our garden here -Heathers: The Musical "Our Love Is God" ... Oh, you don't know me 'cause I'm from a different age And you can't see me 'cause I live in a different age And you can hurt me but you wouldn't know what to say But you should believe me, our dreams are all the same Like a life without love God, that's just insane But a love without a life Well, that just happens everyday And I wish I could change, but I'll probably just stay the same And I wish you could see the Lord But this song is a joke and the melody I wrote, wrote! -Current Joys "A Different Age" ... Gick omkring I ditt kvarter tills det blev för kallt Tänkte ut en dialog mellan oss och allt Lampan släcktes I din hall och jag gick hem igen För har inte glömt vad du, har inte glömt vad du gjort Vad du gjort Du kan gråta mitt på gatan Men jag glömmer aldrig bort vad du gjort Du får passa dig som satan Nej, jag glömmer aldrig bort vad du Aldrig bort vad du gjort Aldrig bort vad du gjort Vad du gjort Nej jag glömmer aldrig bort vad du gjort -Veronica Maggio "Satan I Gatan" ... Jag kan inte prata med dig när du tittar bort Snälla ge mig två sekunder innan du ger upp Kan vi inte vara nära bara en minut? är det nu, nu som det tar slut? Fast du inte lyssnar vet jag att du hör ändå Jag vill hinna säga allting innan jag ska gå älskling, vänta får jag bara sitta bredvid dig? Det var han som ville kyssa mig -Veronica Maggio "Snälla Bli Min" ... Up on melancholy hill There's a plastic tree Are you here with me Just looking out on the day Of another dream Well you can't get what you want But you can get me So let's set out to sea 'Cause you are my medicine When you're close to me When you're close to me -Gorillaz "On Melancholy Hill" ... I may not always love you But long as there are stars above you You never need to doubt it I'll make you so sure about it God only knows what I'd be without you If you should ever leave me Though life would still go on, believe me The world could show nothing to me So what good would living do me God only knows what I'd be without you -The Beach Boys "God Only Knows" ... I want something else To get me through this Semi-charmed kind of life I want something else I'm not listening when you say Good-bye -Third Eye Blind "Semi-Charmed Life" ... My world Is a sad world Often wonder if there's blame Such a fool in a mad, mad world With no picture in my frame Everyone says crazy fool You're always gazing at the night With my arms around a tree Loving life with all my might Crazy as I may seem Not knowing what to do Living with one crazy dream In a frantic world of blue -Charles Manson "My World" ... I'm the doctor, I'm the patient Don't forget that, it's important If ya love me, like I love me Everybody will be sorry Well I don't need nothin' before the show I don't need nothin', well that's not so I need something before the show Just a little something to make me Go! -Mindless Self Indulgence "Prescription" ... I could have been someone Instead of falling flat upon my ass Dig me now, fuck me later And sing it to the tune of faggot faggot faggot ohhh Dig me now, fuck me later And sing it like that I've been denied all the best ultra sex I've been denied all the best ultra sex Molest Faggot faggot faggot faggot Faggot faggot faggot faggot Faggot faggot faggot faggot Faggot faggot faggot faggot -Mindless Self Indulgence "Faggot"