Shit I Say
Quotes by yours truly, with no context.

"nin be like i wanna fuck you like an animal and i (volcel) be like yeees go"

"groom me so i can become overly attached and fall in love with the idea of you, using it as escapism material for my daydreams to keep myself from spiraling into irreversible depression that ultimately results in my self-inflicted demise :heart_eyes:"

"call me lucia cause after this i'm giving my eyes away"

"i will degrade you and not as a kink i just fucking hate you that much"

"if i had a furry dom who put me on a leash i would simply tie the end around a ceiling beam and hang myself"

"wish the sound of my big fat fucking kahonkas would block out the sex noises i'm hearing rn"

"if i don't work out at least twice a day for the next few weeks i will waterboard myself"

"why does messaging people who i don't interact with on a regular basis feel so intimate"

"ok im just gonna take da ghosts by their balls and get this over with"

"people who fake depression deserve to get turned into public urinals"

"i could have a career as a hentai moaner"

"i fucking hate dance monkey it makes me feel carnal rage"

"if you were a cottagecore goblin just living in the woods you would not have to suffer at the hands of your evil corrupt stepfather"

"i just want to fucking buy a van and paint it like the mystery machine is that too much to ask"

"my sexuality is britney spears doing her weird instagram dances"

"i had a fun convo on omegle and it made me so happy that i almost threw up and then they left so i cried"

"non binary is not real, pick a gender retard :heart_eyes:"

"feel like pure shit just wanna bite directly into a cold and raw potato"

"god i bet she wouldn't even cheer him on while he plays csgo"

"LOL couldn't be me! i just text people to talk about irrelevant things they have no interest in"

"i no longer care who has access to my spotify if they wanna listen to hannah montana with me then so be it"